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Our Mission:

We are committed to increasing access to 
mental health and addictive disease services 
through compassionate, educational and innovative services.
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  • Removing the financial barrier of care by covering the cost of mental health treatment for community members unable to afford care.

  • Funding inclusive events and experiences offered to community members with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

  • Removing the barrier of transportation by supporting transportation of Clients from home to appointments.


  • Raising awareness of available services and resources through attendance and establishment of events in the community.

  • Providing individuals in care the opportunity to grow and learn new independent life skills through community integration outings.

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  • Identifying unique approaches to meeting individualized needs of individuals in Pathways Crisis Stabilization program through alternative forms of therapy such as:

    • Pet Therapy

    • Trauma Informed Yoga

    • Music Therapy

    • Art Therapy

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