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AnotherWay to See Our REACH!

Our foundation operates multiple counties within the state of Georgia, but we have supporters around the world!

- Rachel Jacobs,
Pathways Day Program Growth Coordinator

"Clients asked and AnotherWay delivered. PSR and Peer clients wanted to visit the Wargo's pumpkin farm, but cost would prohibit some from participating. AnotherWay Foundation was able to step in and remove the financial burned for all of the clients and allow they to experience a fun day on the farm and engage in community integration."

- Troup County's Prom Queen of '23 Inclusive Prom

"They are good, I like to dress up and it always looks beautiful and eat good. I like helping at the walk each year too!"

From the Source

A Note About Our Generous Grantors

We are honored to have the support of our generous grantors, please allow us to introduce each of them and their stories...

Clothes Less Traveled

AnotherWay Foundation to received a grant that was used to refresh the lobby of the Pathways Coweta Outpatient Clinic,
We were able to provide new furniture, decor and television have made this such a welcoming space for clients to wait for counseling sessions! We appreciate the support from Clothes Less Traveled!

West Georgia Community Foundation

Our Director of Client Engagement attended a breakfast on behalf of AnotherWay Foundation and Pathways Center as a grant recipient! Thanks to Community Foundation of West Georgia for their generosity! This grant will provide a resource closet for Heard and Carroll County Pathways Clinics!

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